Sydney has recently witnessed an influx of dancing. Whether you are checking out the Soul of Sydney events, an Inner West Reggae Carnival, or the Dutty Dancing and Prescription parties, live dancing is a key part of music culture. Individuals and dance groups alike are heading to the limited public spaces, clubs and dancehalls aka bowling clubs to interact with sound crews.

Recently Basslines Yard alongside Studio 101 and Jamaican artist Robin Clare hosted the 2015 NSW Dancehall Queen and King Dance Competition at Marrickville Bowling club.  The vibe was set early in the evening with music veterans Mad Racket holding a Day Roll on the bowling club lawn outside. With a host of selectors and Mr Glass’ D&B sound system winding down, the venue was already buzzing.

By sundown The Roots Oddysey sound system was strung up inside. Their classic looking boxes venting power with clarity.

Local selectors B Hopps (Foreign Dub) and More Judgement were warming up the room, alongside guest selector DJ Autograph (NYC). Basslines duo Louis and Gina were also on music hosting duties.

To add Josie Styles and Kween G spoilt the dance with a set, which showcased both of the entertainer’s appreciation for dancehall music. Their confident and tastful delivery boasting humble love for their city.

The dance competition was hosted by 2005 DHQ (dancehall queen) Memuna, and guest judge was New York dancer, Hanna Herbertson (Blackgold NYC). Dance dons from schools Dance Central and Dance Kool were in the building and punters seemed keen to enter their names in the comp. In the end it came down to dancers Serine and Chantarle with Chantarle taking the title of NSW DHQ 2015. Some of the NSW dancers went on to Melbourne for the Australian DHQ dance competition which is hosted by True Jamaican Dancehall and ilovedancehall.

The winner in Melbourne will join a group of Australain dancers heading over to attend the 2015 19th International DHQ competition in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Photos By Robin Hearfield